Photographer / Filmmaker / Colorist

Following her education in photojournalism, Kate studied the contemporary culture and profession of photography as the photographic assistant and studio manager for master Magnum photographer Bruce Davidson. She then began teaching at Maine Media Workshops & College (MMW) and the International Center for Photography in New York City.

As her experience in imaging grew, Kate became the Photography Programs Director at MMW for three years, where she worked to create a dynamic environment fostering creative vision, craftsmanship and expression in the media arts for thousands of students. She left her MMW position to pursue her own vision, encompassing filmmaking into her repertoire and co-founding Turkey Run Productions with filmmaker Bruno Toré. Since her time with Turkey Run, she has worked as the Director of Photography for NYC startup Maple, and currently is the photographer / videographer for Roger Waters. Kate travels on tour with Waters, creates press and promotional imagery, and also does post production for video content.

Kate’s vast administrative and craft experience dovetails for unique expertise. As her skills encompass extensive project and staff management, fine archival carbon printmaking, and archive management inclusive of print, negative and digital files, Kate works on a variety of photographic projects. Her client work is inclusive of archival restructuring and management, fine printmaking for book publication, and master prints for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

In her personal work, Izor’s camera captures what we don’t see, at times hope for, and at times would rather ignore than be faced with- answering questions of identity and social integration. She has had one solo exhibition and has been a part of several group exhibitions.

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