The phrase 'On the road' conjures images of new places, varying landscapes and unique experiences. Traveling at all hours to seemingly endless places that remain unseen, 'Where are we?' would more aptly describe over 18 months on tour. I work as a photographer for a touring musician. Luckily, I travel and work with my partner who ap­pears throughout this work. 

Cities and countries blur into one grand illusion of time and space, encapsulated by brief stints in countless hotels. Elevators, hallways, common areas, grand entrances, and rooms weave together to form the backdrop between gigs. Locations are remembered by the sound the elevator made, the smell of the lobby, or the particularly well-crafted black­out curtains. Quickly the lure of travel warps into the reality of room after room after room. Time is a construct, locations don't exist. The world is a fishbowl placed in yet another room, another mirage.

Spaces vary in the details of their idyllic intentions, but are homogenous in their manufac­tured aberrations of home, luxury, and convenience. The redundancies of sterile ameni­ties form delusions of comfort and extravagance. Trapped in limbo, floating between fan­tasies of home, this work is my exploration of these bizarre spaces.