Uma Mulher á Parte

A story of a grandmother, her grandson, and the vast distance of age and ocean between them.

Revealing the challenges of familial bonds and responsibilities, Uma Mulher á Parte explores the patience, frustrations, love and guilt between two last family members.

Dona Maria lives alone on top of a mountain in the remote island town of Ribeira Chã in Açores, Portugal. Her grandson, Bruno, was born on the island but has been back only for short visits. He lives a modern life of work and travel; she lives a life of isolation and confinement. Mirroring the modern world and a vanishing way of life, the clash of cultures is compounded by decay and the reality of ageing. Despite a long history together, the starkness of old age is a challenge new to them both. As they collectively decipher the new realities they face, it’s clear that for all of their contrasts they are bonded by blood, love, loss and loneliness.